The best atlases

World atlases

– Oxford Atlas of the World
– National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World
– Collins World Atlas
– Oxford New Concise World Atlas
– Map: Exploring the World
– National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World
– National Geographic Atlas of the World
– The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World
– The Map Book

Child and student atlases

– National Geographic Student Atlas
– Maps
– National Geographic Kids World Atlas
– National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas
– Wiley & National Geographic College Atlas of the World

Travel atlases

– Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai
– Atlas of Improbable Places (A Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Corners)
– Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders
Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s (2nd edition)
– Atlas of Lost Cities: A Travel Guide to Abandoned & Forsaken Destinations
– Transit Maps of the World
– Atlas of Cursed Places: A Travel Guide to Dangerous & Frightful Destinations
– Atlas of Cities
– Atlas of Remote Islands

Historical atlases

– The Times Complete History of the World
– New Historical Atlas of the World
– On the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks
– Oxford’s Atlas of World History
– Atlas of the Civil War

Food and drink atlases

The World Atlas of Beer
– The World Atlas of Coffee (From Beans to Brewing)
– World Atlas of Whisky
– World Atlas of Wine
– The Atlas of Food: Who eats what, where, and why


Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond (Second edition)

Stereotype atlases

– Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection
– Atlas of Prejudice 2: Chasing Horizons (Vol. 2)
– Atlas of Prejudice: Mapping Stereotypes (Vol. 1)

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