Intentional Homicide Rate in Europe

Intentional Homicide is defined as a human being willfully.

Europe has seen a drop in the intentional homicide rate by 63% since 2002 and by 38% since 1990. Russia and Ukraine reported the highest number of intentional homicide victims per 100 000 inhabitants. The lowest number of intentional homicide victims was recorded in Norway, Italy, and Spain.

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Russia and Ukraine have the highest rates, but also the greatest declines in rates. In Russia Central Russia and big cities criminal situation are fine, Moscow is safer than London and New York City. But in some Muslim regions (Chechnya, Dagestan) situation unstable.

Putin consolidated, and more or less monopolized the organized crime of Russia, which declined the level of criminal violence in Russia. As a result, Russia’s homicide rate in 2018 has dropped to 5.18.

In Ukraine Economy turns worse in 2014. After war conflicts more criminals having easier access to weapons. But in recent years, the situation in Ukraine is getting better.

In Italy the decrease homicides related to the mafia. In 1991, the year when peak homicide rates were registered in the last 40 year, there were 3,38 victims per 100 thousand inhabitants, almost 36 percent of these victims were killed by mafias.

The crime rate in Czechia has been steadily declining in the past two decades. It is now less than half of what it was in 1999.

In the first years of the decade after USSR collapsed, in Lithuania and Latvia homicide rates grew rapidly, with 1994 as the peak in Lithuania, and 1993 in Latvia. After reaching this peak, homicide rates slowly decreased.

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