Map of U.S. National Forests, State Forests, National Parks, National Monuments and Indian Reservations (1936)

US National Forests, State Forests, National Parks, National Monuments and Indian Reservations

“The total area of the National Forests computed to June 30, 1936, included within the Forest boundaries 197,434.517 acres. Of this area 165,978,691 acres was National Forest land and 31,455,826 acres was in private ownership.

The Forest Service issues annually, as of June 30, a tabulation given by States and administrative regions the areas of the National Forests and Purchase Units and the headquarters of the Forest Supervisors.

The Forest Service is not primarily a mapping Bureau. The maps are prepared for use in the administration, development, and protection of the National Forests and they are not issued for sale and distribution to the public in the sense that the maps of Bureaus whose primary function is mapping are issued. In many instances, so few copies of the maps are required that the cost of the preparation of a press edition is not justified; in other instance,s small press editions suffice. Such maps are not available for distribution to the public, although they may be consulted in the files of the Forest Service.

For certain of the Forests which have attracted a great number of tourists and campers, informational maps are printed primarily for public distribution. These maps are usually a reissue of the administrative map on the scale of one-fourth inch equals one mile, to which text is added giving general Information including the Forest regulations. These maps are distributed free.

Editions are issued of an administrative map for each Forest usually on the scale of one-fourth inch equals one mile. Although these maps are prepared mainly for the use of Forest Service officials, the edition is made large enough to permit furnishing a limited number of copies to persons cooperating in Forest Service work, or having legitimate interests in the Forests in cases where informational maps have not been published. In such instances, the maps are furnished free if they can be spared from the supply on hand.

Civic organizations cooperating with the Forest Service may purchase maps in large quantities for free distribution. Further information upon this subject will be furnished upon request.

National Parks, Indian Reservations, and National Monuments are under the Department of the Interior.

It was impracticable, for lack of space, to place the names of the State Forests and a number of small Indian Reservations on a map of this scale.”


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