One year after

Europe after war

“The European phase of World War II ended on May 8, 1945. Next Wednesday will be the first anniversary of the cessation of hostilities. This map is a picture of the condition of Europe one year after Germany’s unconditional surrender. It shows the areas that have changed hands tentatively, such as the Baltic States, parts of Finland, Poland and Romania, all now held by Russia. The ownership of many sections is still in doubt, and the major controversies that must be settled by the United Nations organization, or by treaties between the countries involved, are marked for you here. Some of the centuries-old problems of Europe—for instance, whether Alsace and Lorraine should belong to France or Germany—are not included because it is practically certain that they will not be given any consideration until the more urgent matters have been adjusted.”

Kaufman’s proposed dismemberment of Germany from the book “Germany Must Perish!” (1941)

Kaufman's proposed dismemberment of Germany from the book "Germany Must Perish!" (1941)

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