Oxford’s Atlas of World History

Oxford's Atlas of World History

Review: 3.5/5

Oxford’s Atlas of World History is the end of years of intense work by a professional team of cartographers, scientists, and teachers. It shows the narrative of humankind in its environmental context, from the appearance of the first hominids to the modern-day. The Atlas includes the newest study into European Asian, African, and Central and South American history.

The Atlas covers parts on the Ancient, Medieval, and Modern World, Age of Revolutions, and the Twentieth Century and ahead. Each section begins with an intro that emphasizes the main socio-economic, cultural, and religious issues of the period, accompanied by spreads of maps, text, pictures, and inscriptions that consider particular regions and epochs.
Spreads describe everything from hunting in Africa in 10 thousand BC to the first states of Southeast Asia in the newest years of the millennium, the dissolution of the Byzantine Empire, the development of the Atlantic economies in the eighteenth century, and standards of living since 1945.

The Atlas features 450 vivid maps showing the significant themes and events of world history, 100 photos, 60 charts, and hundreds of thousands of words of informative text.

The latest edition brings the Atlas into the 21st century and up to the present day. New and refreshed maps and pictures include an extended series of evolving topics such as population shifts, global trading, urbanization, political and economic improvements, education rates, the spread of world languages, and many more important and always timely topics. The coverage of every other part of our planet is updated, making this the most up-to-date Atlas of world history possible, in addition to being the most comprehensive.

A comprehensive index of more than eight thousand notes covers infinite alternative name forms used over the ages.

The Atlas of World History ends with a bibliography that gives a booklist for recommended additional reading. Equally well-suited for a broad audience and students of history or international relations, the Atlas of World History continues Oxford’s presence as the premier publisher of world atlases.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: October 1, 2010
List Price: $32.68
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