United States vs. Russia Arms Sales from 1950 to 2017

Units are expressed in trend indicator values. Each dot on the map = one trend indicator value.

Data source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Arms sales before USSR colapsed (1990)
USSR – 34%
USA – 33%

Arms sales after USSR colapsed (1995)
Russia – 7%
USSA – 50%

Arms sales (2002)
Russia – 32%
USA – 28%

Arms sales (2017)
Russia – 20%
USA – 40%

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is an independent research organization focusen on conflict, armament and disarmament.

The database covers major, conventional weapons and military products, including: aircraft, air defence system, anti-submarine warfare weapons, armoured vehicles, artillery, engines for military aircraft, engines for combat ships, engines for armoured vehicles, guided missiles and torpedos, surveillance systems, fire-control radars, anti-submarine sonar systems, reconnaissance satellites, ships with 100+ tonnes capacity, ships armed with artillery, ships armed with torpedoes, ships armed with guided missiles, turrets for armoured vehicles, turrets for ships, air refueling systems on tanker aircraft.

The database does not cover: small arms or light weapons, microlight aircraft, unguided rockets, powered and unpowered gliders, target drones.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute database covers all international sales and gifts of weapons, including manufacturing licenses. Weapons on loan or lease are included in the duration is for at least three months.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Arms Transfer Programme uses a wide variety of sources when collecting information for the database. The most frequently used sources are commercial periodicals specializing in military issues, newspapers, official government publications and the UN Register. All sources used must be published and available to the general public.

Arms sales by country

Arms sales by country
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