The World’s New Megacities: Developing countries will dominate megacity growth over the next two decades

What is a megacity?
An urbanized center, housing ten or more million inhabitants. They are often the primary nodes for investment in a country and feature the most affluent households.

Currently, there are 33 megacities in Earth: New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico, Lima, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio, London, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Tehran, Cairo, Lagos, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Seoul, Tianjin, Beijing, Wugan, Shenzen, Guangzhou, HCM, Bangkok, Dhaka, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Bangalore, Manika, Jakarta.

Another six megacities on the way by 2030: Chicago, Bogota, Baghdad, Dar Es Salaam, Luanda, Chenna.

The World’s New Megacities in 2030
Source: Data: Euromonitor International


Key facts:
– Chicago will be the next city in the United States to reach 10 million+ in population.
– The population of Angola’s largest city (Luanda) is projected to increase by 60% by 2030.
– Jakarta is projected to be the world’s largest megacity in 2030.
– Japan’s largest cities are expected to experience a population decline.


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