London maps

– Countries with a GDP higher than London
Child Poverty in London
London is the World’s most expensive city to live and work in
5 maps that quantify exactly how rammed London is
Another way of looking at London
The United Kingdom split up into areas where population is equal to that of London

London atmospheric emissions inventory
London Smellscape
London treemap
– How wet is London compared to Europe

Real estate
– London Housing Density (Houses per Hectare)
– The hourly salary needed to rent in London
Average London property prices (1995 – 2015)

– Migration to and from London (2013 – 2016)

Ethnic maps
Religious identity across London
Mapping where immigrants settle in London
Map reveals one in three London residents were born abroad
Map of London by Religion

– The most common main language spoken at home in London, not including the English language
– London map of the movie filming locations
How London has killed off local dialects across England
The London Picture Map
Comparing the population of Scotland with London
London covered

– “Landlordism Causes Unemployment”, showing an octopus strangling London (1909) 
Isochronic distances in days from London (1914) 
Isochronic distances in days from London (1881)
A 2016 version of the 1914 isochronic London
What a difference 400 years makes (the London skyline 1616 – 2016)
The Great Fire of London
The Great Fire of London (Interactive map)
The Survey of London
Old maps and views of 18th Century London
17th century London 
Bridges of London by Lis Watkins

– London bicycle hires in 2017
– Where do passengers get on and off the London’s tube?
London Underground overlaid on New York City, Tokyo & Paris
– The History of the Underground
London Tube Map with Voronoi, showing closest station for every location in the city
Key bus routes in central London (with top tourist attractions)
– London Traffic Counts Map
Mapping London’s reach
London’s Tube Heartbeat
Visualizing transport for London accidents data
How central London would look if the Tube map was geographically correct

– London crime prediction (2017)
Homophobic hate crime rate in London (2016 – 2017)

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