Find cities with similar climate

Comparison of the climate of cities in the world.

Find cities with similar climate

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This map has been created using The Global environmental stratification. The Global environmental stratification (GEnS), based on statistical clustering of bioclimate data (WorldClim). GEnS, consists of 125 strata, which have been aggregated into 18 global environmental zones (labeled A to R) based on the dendrogram.

Dendrogram based on the Euclidean distance between cluster means illustrating the relation between the 18 aggregated global environmental zones and the number of strata per zone. Colors are based on the mean principal components analysis scores of the zones. Source:

The global environmental zones (GEnZ) and the strata were assigned consistent codes. In practice, this means that cooler strata in a GEnZ will have a lower number. In addition, the zones were given a descriptive label based primarily on mean statistics for GDD and the aridity index. Two zones fell within the ‘Arctic’ and ‘Extremely cold and wet’ descriptors. To provide unique names an additional numerical distinction was added, e.g. ‘Arctic 1’ and ‘Arctic 2’. A map legend was constructed using the mean values per stratum of the first three principal components to define the red–green–blue color scheme. PC1 (annual temperature gradient) was used to define the amount of red, PC2 (aridity) the blue coloration and PC3 (seasonality) the green coloration. Shades of green reflect highly seasonal continental climates ranging from bright green and petrol for cool boreal to warmer chartreuse colored regions; yellow reflects hot and arid conditions; pink reflects hot and wet tropical conditions, and purple represents wet oceanic environments.

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