The Craziest Corn Mazes Across the U.S.

In 1993, theater executive producer Don Frantz took the garden maze’s elegant European tradition and attached showbiz glamour and a tremendous sense of scale. Modern GPS technologies made it realizable to create hard-to-crack puzzles in complicated patterns.

Nowadays, every fall, farms across the U.S. modify their cornfields into interactive mazes, ideal for a fall family vacation.

But unluckily, many people won’t be capable of traveling to visit their local mazes this year. That’s why the team at NetCredit decided to digitally replicate a selection of them so readers can find their way out of these beautiful mazes from the comfort of their homes.

To do this, NetCredit used the Corn Mazes America database to curate a selection of corn mazes that are challenging and unique-looking. They then worked with CG artists to render them at the perfect angle to be solved on screen.

The result? A slice of armchair travel, allowing you to solve America’s craziest mazes without even stepping foot in them. These are the selected seven mazes (plus the years and locations):

1. Treinen Farm’s Trilobite Maze // 2017 // Lodi, Wisconsin

Google Maps // Website

2. Treworgy Family Orchards’ Blueberries for Sal Maze // 2019 // Levant, Maine

Google Maps // Website

3. Gull Meadows Maze // Richland, Michigan

Google Maps // Website

4. Queens County Farm Maze // 2016 // Queens, New York

Corn Maze

Google Maps // Website

5. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Maze // 2018 // Ronks, Pennsylvania

Google Maps // Website

6. Davis Mega Maze’s Lost Vegas // 2007 // Sterling, Massachusetts

Google Maps // Website

7. Lentini Farms Maze // Fredon Township, New Jersey

Google Maps // Website

This project is part of a series of content campaigns commissioned by NetCredit focused on the United States’ history, culture, and nature.

These projects have the goal of shining a light on achievements and issues and celebrating the country, and educating readers on the history and unique culture of each state.

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