Most disproportionately common major in each U.S. state

The most disproportionately popular college major in each state:
ALABAMA – Geology and earth science
ALASKA – Nuclear/industrial radiology/biological tech
ARIZONA – Nuclear/industrial radiology/biological tech
ARKANSAS – Mining and mineral engineering
CALIFORNIA – Cognitive science and biopsychology
COLORADO – Geological and geophysical engineering
CONNECTICUT – Actuarial science
DELAWARE – Interdisciplinary social studies
FLORIDA – Criminology
GEORGIA – Early childhood education
HAWAII – Oceanography
IOWA – Agriculture production and management
IDAHO – Nuclear/industrial radiology/biological tech
ILLINOIS – Actuarial science
INDIANA – Mechanical engineering-related technology
KANSAS – Agricultural economics
KENTUCKY – General Agricultural
LOUISIANA – Petroleum engineering
MAINE – Naval architecture and marine engineering
MARYLAND –  Astronomy and astrophysics
MASSACHUSETTS – Naval architecture and marine engineering
MICHIGAN – Mechanical engineering-related technology
MINNESOTA – Miscellaneous social studies
MISSISSIPPI – Miscellaneous agriculture
MISSOURI – Miscellaneous agriculture
MONTANA – Geological and geophysical engineering
NORTH CAROLINA –  Materials engineering and materials science
NORTH DAKOTA – Agricultural economics
NEBRASKA – Agricultural economics
NEW HAMPSHIRE – Atmospheric sciences and meteorology
NEW JERSEY – Actuarial science
NEW MEXICO – Nuclear engineering
NEVADA – Mining and mineral engineering
NEW YORK – Visual and performing arts
OHIO – Teacher education: multiple levels
OKLAHOMA – Petroleum engineering
OREGON -Forestry
PENNSYLVANIA –  Information sciences
RHODE ISLAND – Naval architecture and marine engineering
SOUTH CAROLINA –  Oceanography
SOUTH DAKOTA – Agriculture production and management TN
TEXAS –  Petroleum engineering
TENNESSEE –  Nuclear engineering
UTAH – Community and public health
VIRGINIA – International relations
VERMONT – Environmental science
WASHINGTON – Oceanography
WISCONSIN – Soil science
WEST VIRGINIA – Mining and mineral engineering
WYOMING – Mining and mineral engineering

Most disproportionately popular college major in each U.S. state
Jenny Cheng via Business Insider

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