Exotic Animal Laws by U.S. State Mapped

Every U.S. state has exotic or wild animals laws defining if a species is allowed, forbidden, or needs specific permission. You can have a pet crocodile, python, or emu in some states, while others have banned pet rabbits or hamsters. Some U.S. states are more permissive than others. Find out what your state’s wild or exotic animal laws are, and before you take an animal to your home, examine with your local jurisdiction to make sure the rules haven’t been altered.

The map atlas below shows some well-known exotic and wild animals allowed or illegal to own in every state.

Maps of Private Animal Ownership Laws

Big cats

There are about 4 thousand tigers left in the wild, but specialists state there are more than that in captivity in the United Sties alone, even though many states have strict restrictions on keeping these animals in captivity. The map below created by Tech Insider shows U.S. states where people can legally own big cats.

Big cats ownership laws mapped

The 6 U.S. states have no restrictions on keeping bears (Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina).

Bears ownership laws mapped

The yellow states in the map below created by Reddit user Logans_Beer_Run are the states in which it is legal to own monkeys.

Monkeys ownership laws mapped

In a small quantity of U.S. states, certain fox species are permitted as pets. Approximately 14 states allow the private possession of red foxes, 13 U.S. states allow the personal possession of fennec foxes, 11 states need permission to possess at least one fox species that it will enable, only 15 U.S. states allow some foxes species with or without a permit.

You can legitimately own a fox in Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, and Wyoming. The map below shows these states.

Fox ownership laws mapped

It’s legal to own a raccoon as a pet in Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Nebraska, North and South Carolina, Michigan, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Texas, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.

Some U.S. states have additional regulations for owning a raccoon as a pet. For instance, in North Carolina, a veterinary must approve the animal before being carried into the state. In Arkansas, you cannot keep more than 5 raccoon animals at a time. The yellow states in the map created by Reddit user toddrjones show the states in which it is legal to own a raccoon.

Raccoon ownership laws mapped

The Asian clawed otter is the only species of otter that allowed owning in the United States because this species is federally illegal due to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Asian clawed otters aren’t federally unlawful because they are not marine animals, but they are assuredly not legal to own in every U.S. state. The states in which it is legal to own an otter are colored yellow.

Otter ownership laws mapped

Wild skunks are hardly good pets. That’s why this animal is currently legal to own only in 15 U.S. states.

Skunk ownership laws mapped

It’s illegal to keep a kangaroo as a pet in the preponderance of the United States. Only in Wisconsin, West Virginia, and South Carolina, it’s legal to own this animal without any permission.

The legality of kangaroo ownership mapped

Four U.S. states have no law restrictions on keeping dangerous wild animals as pets (Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin). Six states regulate having hazardous animals as pets (Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, and Oklahoma). Twenty-one U.S. states outlaw all dangerous exotic animals, while the rest need permissions. Thirty-five states forbid holding hazardous animals as pets, with differing exceptions and demands.

Wild and Exotic Animal Laws by U.S. State


Mongooses, Giant African snails, Tegus, Walking catfish, Coyotes, Foxes, Raccoons, Skunks, Wild rodents, Wild turkeys, Venomous snakes, Black bears, Mountain lions, Bobcats, Antelope, Pigs, and others, including native injurious wildlife species.


No one can own, trade, import, or export live game animals in Alaska unless expressly permitted and listed in 92.029 (b).


Golden moles, Tenrecs, Even-toed ungulates, Pronghorns, Antelopes, Bison, Buffalo, Cattle, Duikers, Gazelles, Goats, Oxen, Sheep, Water buffalo, American bison, Bison, Buffalo, Cervids, Deer, Elks, Moose, Red deer, Wapiti, Peccaries, Bears, Foxes, Ocelot, Raccoons, Servals, Skunks, Wolves, Weasels, Bats, American opossum, European hedgehogs, Gymnures, Moonrats, Wild hares, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Macaques, Orangutans, Spider monkeys, Hutias, Beavers, Jumping mice, Coypus, Nutrias, Pocket gopher, Chipmunks, Marmots, Prairie dogs, Squirrels, Woodchucks, Desmans, Moles, Shrews, Shrew-moles, Anteaters, Armadillos, Sloths, Grouse, Pheasants, Partridges, Quails, Turkeys, Alligators, Caimans, Crocodiles, Gavials, Burrowing asps, Brown tree snakes, Boomslangs, Keelbacks, Bird snakes, Elapids, Cobras, Coral snakes, Kraits, Mambas, Sea snakes, Gila monsters, Mexican beaded lizards, Pit and true vipers, Rattlesnakes, Snapping turtles, Gopher turtles, Desert turtles, Giant or marine toads, Bullfrogs, Leopard frogs, Clawed frogs.


Mountain lions, Tigers, African lions, Bears, Apes, Baboons, Macaque, Non-native birds, Bats, Alligator snapping turtles, Ornate box turtles, Ozark hellbenders, Ouachita streambed salamanders, Collared lizards, Troglodytic and Endangered species.


Ferrets, Morro Bay kangaroo rats, Bighorn sheep (besides Nelson bighorn sheep), Northern elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals, Ring-tailed cats, Pacific right whales, Salt-marsh harvest mice, Southern sea otters, Wolverines, Primates, Falcons, Hawks, Crows, Marsupials, Sloths, Hedgehogs, Wild rodents, Zebras, Mongooses, Gerbils


Wildebeests, Wild hogs, Raccoons, Skunks, Hedgehogs, Opossums, Squirrels, Porcupines, Monk parakeets, Primates, Alligators, Crocodiles


Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Jaguar, Bobcat, Puma, Lynx, Ocelot, Wolf, Coyote, wild dogs, Bears, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, Hyaena, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Hybrids.


No specific animal species are forbidden.

District of Columbia

Banned all hybrid dogs with wolves, coyotes, jackals, and hybrid cats with margays or ocelots.


Baboons, Bears, Black caimans, Cape buffalos, Cheetahs, Chimpanzees, Cougars, Crocodiles, Drills and mandrills, Elephants, Gavials, Gelada baboons, Gibbons and siamangs, Gorillas, Hippopotamuses, Hyenas, Aardwolves, Jaguars, Komodo dragons, Leopards, Lions, Orangutans, Rhinoceros, Snow leopards, Tigers, Wild foxes, Skunks, Bats, Raccoons, Whitetail deer, and Venomous reptiles.


Wallabies, Kangaroos, Shrews, Moles, Hedgehogs, Tenrecs, Bats, Monkeys, Apes, Sloths, Armadillos, Pangolins, Anteaters, Wild hares, Rabbits, Cabybaras, Cavies, Prairie dogs, Degus, Whales, Dolphins, Weasels, Ferrets, Foxes, Wild cats, Wolves, Wolf hybrids, Savannah cats and cat hybrids, Aardvarks, Elephants, Conies, Manatees, Dugongs, Most hoof stock, Rhinoceros, Warthogs, Hippopotamus, Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Wild turkeys, Cuckoos, Owls, Skylarks, Bulbuls, Thrushes, White-eyes, Yellowhammers, Sparrows, Cape, and baya weavers, Queleas, Blackbirds, Monk parakeet, Java sparrow, Starlings, Mynas, Crows, Ravens, Crocodiles, Gavials, Alligators, Venomous colubrid snakes, Gila monsters, Beaded lizards, Giant and marine toads, Banded tetras, Piranha, Grass, silver, and bighead carp, Air-breathing catfish, Giant walking catfish, Snakeheads, Fresh-water stingrays


Hedgehogs, Hamsters, Ferrets, Snakes, Gerbils, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Jaguars, Cougars, Leopards, Clouded leopards, Caracals, Ocelots, Margays, Servals, Bears, Wolves, Hyenas, Aardvarks, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, Non-human primates, Crocodilians, Bloodworms, Hermit crabs, Freshwater crabs, Honeybees, Mexican jumping bean moths, Jellyfish, Freshwater clams, Octopuses, Salamanders, Sirens, Frogs, Cuban tree frogs, Snakes, Gila monsters, Nicaraguan freshwater sharks, Freshwater stingrays, Spotted and Banded carpet sharks, Lampreys, Bowfins, Dogfishes, Mudfishes, Eels, Electric eels, Freshwater morays, Silversides, Needlefish, Halfbeaks, Pike minnows, Piranhas, Cacchorros, Characins, Lizard fish, Pirarucu, Snake heads, Pike cichlids, Lion fish, Scorpion fish, Catfish, Hummingbirds, Pigeons, Doves, Crow, Finches, Grouses, Bulbuls, Sparrows, Orioles, Vermillion cardinals, Mynas, Starlings, Parrots, Parakeets, Parrolets, Caiques, Bats, Flying foxes, Wild hares, Porcupine, Dog, Cat and another hybrids with an illegal animal.


It is prohibited to take endangered and threatened species, large predatory and big game wildlife, and hold them as pets.


Bears, Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Ocelots, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Margays, Cougars, Lynx, Bobcats, Jaguarundis, Wolves, Coyotes, Hyenas, Flying fox, Mongoose, Meerkats, European rabbits, Indian wild hogs, Multimammate rats or mice, Raccoon dogs, Rosy pastors, Doiches, Java sparrows, Red-whiskered bulbuls, Snakeheads, Walking catfish, Ruffes, Silver carp, Bighead carp, Black carp, Round and tubenose gobies, Rudds, Stone morokos, Zanders, Wels catfish, Yabbies, Zebra mussels, Mitten crabs, Rusty crayfish, Filler shrimp, Golden mussels, Brown tree snakes and Venomous medically important reptiles.


Indiana doesn’t explicitly prohibit having any animals as pets.


Wild canines and cats, Bears, Pandas, Hyenas, Aardwolves, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Non-human primates, Marmosets, Tamarins, Monkeys, Lemurs, Galagos, Bushbabies, Great and Lesser apes, Gibbons, Indris, Sifakas, Tarsiers, Crocodiles, Alligators, Caimans, Gharials, Water, and Crocodile monitors, Mole vipers, Burrowing asps, Beaded lizard, Gila monster, Reticulated python, Cobras, Mambas, Coral snakes, Kraits, Adders, Vipers, Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, keelbacks, Cottonmouths, Sea snakes, Anaconda, African rock python, Russian, European and Wild boars, Vipers and Hybrids.


Dangerous wildlife species: Lions; Tigers; Leopards; Jaguars; Cheetahs; Mountain lions; Bears and Hybrids. Invasive species: Monk parakeet; Asian raccoon dog, Walking catfish; Silver, Bighead, Crucian and Black carps; Wels catfish; Eurasian minnow; Stone moroko; Snakehead; Round goby; White, European and Nile perches; Roach grandfathered; Amur sleeper; Zander; Zebra and Quagga mussels; New Zealand mudsnails; Diploid grass carp; Marbled crayfish; Common yabbies;
Commensal rodents; Gophers; Ground squirrels; Kangaroo and Wood rats; Porcupines; Prairie dogs; Woodchucks; Non-native venomous snakes.


Alligators, Caimans, Crocodiles, Gavials, Gila monsters, Beaded lizards, Komodo dragons, African buffalo, Bears, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, Cheetahs, Clouded leopards, Lions, Jaguars, Leopards, including snow leopards, Tigers, Honey and Old World badgers, Wolves, Wolverines, Hyenas, Gorillas, Baboons, Drills, Mandrills, Sea and Coral snakes, Copperbelly water snakes, Cobras, Adders, Vipers, Venomous exotic snakes except for hognose snakes, Wild turkeys, Alligator snapping turtles and hybrids; non-native blackbirds, Baya weavers, Cape sparrows, Non-native cowbirds, Non-native cuckoos, Queleas, Fieldfares, Flying foxes,
Fruit bats, Foxes, Gambian giant pouched and Multimammate rats, Giant, marine, and cane toads, Tongueless and African clawed frogs, Hawaiian rice bird or spotted munias, Jackrabbits, Java sparrows, Madagascar weavers, Mistle thrushes, Monk or Quaker parakeets, Mute swans, Nutrias, Prairie and Raccoon dogs, San Juan rabbits, Skylarks, Song thrushes, Starlings (except Indian Hill mynahs), Suricates and slender-tailed meerkats, Weaver finches (except Passer), White-eyes, Wild European rabbits, Yellowhammers, Wild and feral pigs, Eurasian and Russian boars, Domestic or wild hybrids; Endangered species.


Dangerous wild nature species: Black, grizzly, and polar bears; Red and gray wolves; Coyotes; Foxes; Cougars; Tigers; Lions; all species of Leopards; Jaguars; Cheetahs; and all subspecies or hybrids of all these big cats. Endangered and threatened species: Mississippi gopher frogs; Gopher tortoises; Green sea, Hawksbill sea, Kemp’s ridley sea, Leatherback sea, Loggerhead sea, and Ringed sawback turtles.


Monk parakeets, Mute swans, Burrowing parrots, Laughing kookaburras, Austral and Alender-billed, Anatidae, Hornbills, Cassowaries, Emus, Storks, Pigeons, Doves, Rollers, Crows, Chachalaca, Guans, Cussarows, Cranes, Turacos, Pheasants, Flamingos, Trumpeters, Toucans, Penguins, New Zealand parrots, Starlings, Bearded barbets, Birds of prey, Shorebirds, Bustards, Pelicans, Owls, Ostriches, Prevost’s squirrels, Hoffman’s two-toed sloths, Brazilian porcupines, Black-tailed prairie dogs, Red-rumped agouti, Long-nosed armadillos, Pronghorn family, Mountain beavers, Bovids, Canids, Beavers, Cervids, Elephants, Quidae, Felids, Giraffes, Hippopotamus, Hyenas, Aardwolves, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Mustelids, Walrus, Eared and true seals, Rhinoceros, Pigs, Tapirs, Viverrids, Crested porcupines, Gray short-tailed opossum, Cetacea, Bats, Primates, Sea cows, Aardvark, Kinkajou, Southern tamandua, Asiatic linsangs, Deer, Moose, Wild turkeys, Hybrids

Moreover, some captive-bred animals cannot be kept as home pets: Western dwarf clawed frogs; African clawed frogs; Golden, Yellow, Green, Brown and Bernhard’s mantellas; Puerto Rican boas; Grand Cayman blue iguanas; Eastern indigo and Atlantic Salt Marsh snakes; Eunectes; Elapidae; Beaded lizards; Gila monsters; Viperidae; Gopher tortoises; Isla Todos Santos king and Louisiana pine snakes; Amethystine, Scrub, Indian, Southern African rock, Northern African rock and Reticulated pythons; Crocodilians; Chinese softshell tortoises; Common box, Gulf Coast box, and Three-toed box turtles; Pond and Red-eared sliders.

Rare and endangered species: New England cottontails; Little brown, Easter small-footed and Northern long-legged bats; Least terns; Golden eagles; Piper plovers; Sedge wrens; Grasshopper sparrows; Roseate and Black terns; American pipets; Peregrine falcons; Black-crowned night herons; Least bitterns; Black racers; Box and Blanding’s turtles; Redfin pickerels; Six-whorl vertigos; Edward’s and Hessel’s hairstreaks; Katahdin arctics; Juniper hairstreaks; Rapids clubtails; Cobblestone tiger beetles; Frigga fritiliaries; Northern bog lemmings; Razorbills; Harlequin ducks; Arctic terns; Upland sandpipers; Common gallinules; Great cormorants; Short-eared owls; Barrow’s goldeneyes; Leatherback, Atlantic ridley, Loggerhead, Spotted and Swamp turtles; Swamp darters; Tidewater muckets; Yellow lampmussels; Brook floaters; Whales; Shortnose sturgeons.


Felines and hybrids more than 30 pounds; Canines and hybrids; Foxes; Skunks; Raccoons; Non-human primates; Lemurs; Monkeys; Chimpanzees; Gorillas; Orangutans; Marmosets; Loris; Tamarins; Bears; Caimans; Alligators; Crocodiles Poisonous snakes (Hydrophidae, Elapidae, Viperidae, Colubridae, and Crotolidae families); Cervids; Eastern tiger, Green, Jefferson and Wehrle’s salamanders; Eastern hellbenders; Mudpuppies; Eastern narrow-mouthed toads; Carpenter, Mountain chorus,
Barking tree frogs; Northern map, Leatherback sea, Loggerhead sea, Green sea, Atlantic hawksbill, Bog, and Kemp’s ridley sea turtles; Spiny softshell; Northern coal skinks; Copperheads.


Threatened or endangered listed in the Red Books.


Wildlife species: Cheetah; Cougar; Jaguar; All leopards; Lion; Panther; Tiger; Bears; Hybrids of wolfs and big carnivore cats. Native endangered species: Eastern massasaugas; Queen, Copper-bellied water, Eastern fox and Kirtland’s snakes; Wood, Eastern box, Butler’s garter, Spotted, Smooth green and Blanding’s turtles; Grey rat snakes (except for common albino colors); Boreal chorus frogs; Western lesser sirens; Mudpuppies; Fowler’s toads; Pickerel and Blanchard’s cricket frogs; Northern dusky and Northern two-lined salamanders; Mink frogs; Six-lined racerunners; Marbled and Small-mouth salamanders.


Felines (except domestic cats) and hybrids, Bears, Non-human primates, Deer, Wolves, Mourning doves, Bats, Snakes, Salamanders, Lizards, White-tailed and mule, deer, Moose, Elks, Antelopes, Caribou, Game birds, Gray and Fox squirrels, Cottontail rabbits, Snowshoe hares, Jackrabbits, Raccoons, Lynx, Bobcats, Short-tailed and Long-tailed weasels, Red fox and gray foxes, Fishers, Pine martens, Opossum, Badgers, Cougars, Wolverines, Muskrats, Minks, Otters, Beavers, Lake and shovelnose surgeons, American eels, Black and white crappies, Largemouth, rock, smallmouth, white and yellow bass, Sunfish and hybrids, Muskellunges,
Northern pikes, Burbots, Blue, channel, and flathead catfish, Saugers, Walleyes, Yellow perch, Paddlefish, Atlantic, chinook, coho, kokanee, and pink salmon
Brook, brown, lake, and rainbow trout, Ciscos, Lake whitefish, Carp, Buffalo, and Sucker fish, Sheepsheads, Bowfins, Gars, Goldeyes, Bullheads, Minnows, Leeches, Alewives, Chubs, Coregoninae, Rainbow smelt, Frogs, Turtles, Clams, Mussels.




Large and predatory animals: Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Snow and Clouded leopards, Cheetahs, Big cat hybrids, Non-native bears.


Bears, Big cats, Skunk, Foxs, Bats, Raccoons, African clawed frogs, North American bullfrogs, Rusty and Walking crayfish, Bighead, black, grass, and silver carp, Eurasian ruffes, Round gobies, Snakeheads, White perch, Zanders, African natal rats, Multimammate mice, Argali sheep, Brush-tailed and Short-tailed possum, Hyenas, Aardwolves, Nutrias, Small spotted genets, Southern flying squirrels, Virginia opossum, Transcapian urial sheep, All monkeys and apes, New Zealand mudsnails, Quagga and Zebra mussels, Alligators, Crocodiles, Caimans, Red-eared sliders, African rock, Amethystine, Burmese and Reticulated pythons, Boomslangs, Green anaconda, Coral snakes, Cobras, Kraits, Mambas, Non-native Viperidae, California and Gambrel’s quail.


Wolves, Skunks, Felines (excluding domestic cats), Bears, Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Jackrabbits, Short-horned lizards, Asian raccoon dogs, Whitetailed, Mule, and Red deer, Wild pigs, Bighorn and thinhorn sheep (in some counties), and endangered animal species.


Wild hogs, Red deer elk and Wapiti, Axis, Rusa, Sambar, Sika, Roe and white-tailed deer, Moose, Reedbucks, Oryxes and gemsboks, Addaxes, Blesboks, topi and bonteboks, Raccoon and Wild dogs, Mongooses, Meerkats, Wild European rabbits, Multimammate rats, bats, Nutrias, Coyotes, Foxes, Raccoons, Skunks, Hartebeests, Wildebeest and gnus, Chamois, Tahrs, Ibex, wild goats, turs and markhors, Barbary and Mouflon sheep, urials, bighorn and argali, Alligators and Crocodiles, Gharials, Bird snakes, Boomslangs, Keelbacks, Burrowing asps, Coral snakes, cobras, kraits, mambas, Australia elapids, Pit vipers and true vipers (excluding indigenous species), Snapping turtles, Giant or marine toads, Clawed frogs, Pink starlings, Rosy pastors, Red-billed dioches, Red-whiskered bulbuls
Lampreys, Freshwater stingrays, Freshwater sharks, Bowfins, Gars, Herrings and shads (excluding threadfins and gizzards), European whitefish, Mexican banded tetras, Piranhas, South American parasitic catfish, White perch, Freshwater drums, Grass carp, Pike topminnows, Snakeheads, Walking catfish, Tigerfish, Sticklebacks, Tilapia, Nile perch, Goldeyes, Carps, Rudds, Northern pikes, Asian swamp eels, New Zealand mudsnails, African giant snails, Zebra and quagga mussels, Crayfish, Asiatic mitten crabs.

New Hampshire

Armadillos, Anteaters, Badgers, Barbary sheep, Bears, Beavers, Wild boars, Bobcats, Chipmunks, Deer, Elephants, Kangaroos, Kinkajous, Lemmings, Leopards, Lions, Lynx, Mongooses, Mouse, Muskrat, Virginia opossum, Prairie dogs, Porcupines, Primates, Raccoons, African pouched rats, Shrews, Skunks, Squirrels, including Flying squirrels, Tigers, Voles, Wallabies, Water buffalo, Weasels, Wolverines, Wolves, Zebras, Zebra mussels, Spiny and Fishhook waterfleas, Non-indigenous catfish, Asiatic clams, Walking catfish, White amurs; Grass, Black, Bighead and Silver carps, European rudds, Round and Tubenose gobies, Ruffes, Snakeheads.

New Jersey

Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, and any African species, Tigers, Pangolins, Marine turtles, Rays, Monkeys, Baboons, Apes, Bears, Nondomestic dogs and cats, Gila monsters, Coral snakes, Cobras, Alligators, Caimans, Crocodiles, Gavials, Ring-necked parakeets, Monk parakeets, Patagonia conures, Ground squirrels.

New Mexico

Felines, Crocodiles, Wolves, Alligators, Primates but many New Mexico municipalities have much more stringent exotic animal legislation than the state level.

New York

Non-human primates; Prosimians; Wild dogs; Big cats and hybrids; Bears; All venomous snakes; Burmese, Reticulated, African rock, Australian amethystine, and Indian pythons; Green and Yellow anaconda; Asiatic, Nile, Whitethroat, Black throat and Crocodile monitors; Komodo dragons; Crocodiles; Racoon dogs; Wolfdogs; Coyotes.

North Carolina

Cities and counties regulate the ownership of dangerous wild nature animals.

North Dakota

Skunks, Racoons, and Venomous reptiles.


Dangerous species: Hyenas; Pure grey wolves; Lions; Tigers; Jaguars; Leopards; Cheetahs; Lynx; Cougars; Caracals; Servals; Cat hybrids; Bears; Elephants, Rhinoceros; Hippopotamus; Cape buffalo; African wild dogs; Komodo dragons; Alligators; Crocodiles; Caimans except for dwarfs; Gharials; Non-human primates except lemurs; Golden, Golden-rumped, and Black-faced lions; Cotton-top, Emperor, Saddlebacked, black-mantled and Geoffrey’s tamarins; Southern and northern night monkeys; Dusky titi and masked titi monkeys; Muriquis, Goeldi’s monkeys; White-faced, black-bearded, white-nose bearded, and monk sakis;
Bald and black uakaris; Black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed, and black spider monkeys; Common woolly monkeys; Red, black, and mantled howler monkeys. Invasive species: Walking catfish; Diploid white amur; Diploid grass, Silver, and Black carp; Ruffes; Round gobies; Snakeheads; White perch; Three spin sticklebacks; Sea lampreys; Eastern banded killifish, or hybrids; Raccoon dogs; Marrons; Yabbies; Zebra and Quagga mussels, Rudds.


Native bears and wild cats over 50 pounds.


Non-human primates; Bears (except the America Black Bear); Non-indigenous canines and felines which are not domestic or domestic hybrids; Skunks; Crocodilians.


The state doesn’t explicitly list exotic pets that are illegal to own.

Rhode Island

Wild nature carnivores and hybrids; Mute swans; Mudpuppies; American bullfrogs; Zebra mussels; Spiny and Fishhook waterfleas; Non-indigenous crayfish; Asiatic clams; Grass carp; White amurs; Rudds; Walking catfish; Snakeheads; Black carp; Round and Tubenose gobies; Ruffes; Eastern American toads; Eastern red-backed salamanders; Eastern spadefoots; Four-toed salamanders; Fowler’s toads; Gray treefrogs; Marbled, Northern dusky salamanders; Wood, Northern green and Northern leopard frogs; Northern spring, Northern two-lined and Spotted salamanders; Pickerel frogs; Red-spotted newts; Spring peepers; Wood, Spotted, Eastern box, Eastern musk, Eastern painted, and Eastern snapping turtles; Northern diamond-backed terrapins; Common ribbon, Common water, Eastern garter, Eastern hog-nosed, Eastern milk, Eastern rat, Northern brown, Northern red-bellied, Northern ring-necked, Smooth green, and Timber rattle snakes; Northern black racers; American beavers; American minks; Big brown, Silver-haired and Small-footed and Tri-colored bats ; Black bears; Bobcats; Common muskrats; Eastern chipmunks; Eastern cottontails; Eastern coyotes; Eastern gray squirrels; Eastern moles; Eastern red, Little brown, Gray, Fisher, Northern long-eared and Hoary bats; Hairy-tailed moles; Long-tailed weasels; Masked shrews; Meadow voles; Moose; New England cottontails; Northern short-tailed shrews; Porcupines; Raccoons; Red foxes; Red squirrels; River otters; Short-tailed weasels; Smoky shrews; Snowshoe hares; Southern bog lemmings; Southern flying squirrels; Southern red-backed and Woodland voles; Star-nosed moles; Striped skunks; Virginia opossum; Water shrews; White-footed and Woodland jumping mice; White-tailed deer
Woodchucks; mice.

South Carolina

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Snow leopards, Non-native bears, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans.

South Dakota

Raccoon dogs and free-roaming wildlife animals.


Black bears, White-tailed deer, Wild turkeys, Big cats, and hybrids.


Wolves, Bats, Diamondback terrapins, Indigenous birds, Endangered species as well as
Invasive species fish and shellfish.


Tigers, Lions, Cougars, Jaguars, Leopards, Cheetahs, Ocelots, Lynx, Servals, Bison, Bighorn sheep, Elks, Mule deer, Moose, Pronghorn antelopes, Rocky mountain goats, Albert’s squirrels, Prairie dogs; Merriam kangaroo and Deser rats, Ringtails; Cottontail and snowshoe rabbits, Weasels, Skunks, Martens, Minks, Black-footed ferrets, Banded Gila monsters, Desert iguanas, Glen Canyon and Western chuckwallas, Mojave Desert sidewinders; Mojave rattle, Desert glossy snakes, Sonoran lyre, Speckled rattle, Utah milk, and Utah mountain kingsnakes; Desert tortoises; Coyotes; Wolves; Dingos; Foxes; Jackals; African wild dogs; Bears; Bats; River otters
Badgers; Primates; Venomous fish; Piranhas.


Feral swine, Wild boars, Wild and Ferals hogs, Wild and Old world swine, Feral pigs, Razorbacks
Eurasian wild and Russian wild boar.


Virginia doesn’t explicitly list exotic pets that are illegal to own.


Dangerous wild animals: Lions, Tigers, Captive-bred cougars, Bobcats, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Leopards, Snow leopards, Clouded leopard, Wolves, Bears, Hyenas, Rhinoceros, Non-human primates, Elephants, Elks, Atractaspidae, Dispholidus, Cobras, Mambas, Kraits; Coral, Australian tiger, and Sea snakes; Water and
Crocodile monitors; Rattlesnakes; Cottonmouths; Bushmasters; Puff adders; Gaboon vipers; Crocodiles; Alligators; Caimans; Gavials. Invasive species: Mute swans
Mongooses, Wild boars, Javelinas, Chamois, Wild goats, Wild sheep, Wildebeests, Reindeer, Fallow deer. Disease-carrying species: Bats, Skunks, Foxes, Raccoons, and Coyotes.

West Virginia

Dangerous animals: Hyenas, Gray wolves, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Cheetahs, hybrids of big cats (including Lynxes and Cougars), Bears (except black bears), Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, African wild dogs, Komodo dragons, Raccoon, Fox skunk, Non-human primates (except Lemurs; Uakaris; Tamarins; Sakis; Muriquis; Night, Titi, Spider, Common wooly, Howler and Goeldi’s monkeys).


Cougars; Bears; Wild and Mute swans; Wolves and hybrids; Non-native wild ducks, geese, and swans; Wild or native amphibians and reptiles.


Wolves and wolf hybrids, Big or trophy game, Black and Grizzly bear, Mountain lions, Gray wolves.

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