The Countries That Pay The Most And Least For A Tesla, Mapped

Over the last ten years, Tesla has made the once derided electric car into a global hot commodity. But how affordable are their cars in many nations?

Budget Direct took prices from Tesla’s website and worldwide sellers and put together a visualization that shows which nations pay the most and least for a Tesla.

The team found that the U.S. was the most affordable place to get a Tesla, with the average price being $59,348. Opposite, the most costly nation to purchase a Tesla in the world is Singapore, where the average cost is a tremendous $276,146 thousand.

Budget Direct also ranked the most affordable countries to buy a Tesla by estimating their cars’ average price divided by the national average income. In Norway, you would require to spend 104.74 percent of the average yearly income to buy an average-priced Tesla – the best affordability in the world. The least affordable in India, where the average Tesla costs 8694.8 percent of the average yearly income.

Map of Tesla Worldwide Index Price vs Local wages
Tesla Model S

The most expensive new Model S you can find in Turkey (119.05K). The cheapest outside America – in Oman (~$65k). It is $4k less expensive than in the U.S.

Map of Tesla Worldwide Index Model-S
Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 was announced in 2006 was best selling EV in the world in 2018 and 2019. Nowadays, the cheapest Tesla Model 3 you can find in China ($37.3K).

Map of Tesla Worldwide Index Model 3
Tesla Model X

The cost of the luxury SUV Tesla Model X in the United States is $79.9K. Conversely, the most expensive place to buy Tesla Model X in the world is Malaysia is $353.2K.

Map of Tesla Worldwide Index Model-X
Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y placed between the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model X as an affordable small SUV. This Model started at the beginning of 2020. Today Singapore has the expensive confirmed price ($232.6K).

Map of Tesla Worldwide Index Model Y

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