Back to School 2017

Back to School 2017

Worst 5 schools:
1. Trinity Downtown Lutheran Church and School (Harris County, Texas)
2. East Side Elementary School, P.S. 267 (New York County, New York)
3. Pegasus School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Dallas County, Texas)
4. Bessie Carmichael Schools (San Francisco County, California)
5. The Covenant Charter School (Dallas County, Texas)

Best 5 schools:
1. Victory Christian School (Jackson County, North Carolina)
2. Hillcrest Elementary School (Silver Bow County, Montana)
3. Dunsmuir High School (Siskiyou County, California)
4. Martin Luther King High School (DeKalb County, Georgia)
5. Georgetown Community School (Clear Creek County, Colorado)

Worst 5 counties:
1. New York County (New York)
2.    San Francisco County (California)
3. Kings County (New York)
4. Queens County (New York)
5. Miami-Dade County (Florida)

Best 5 counties:
1. La Salle County (Texas)
2. Braxton County (West Virginia)
3. Claiborne County (Tennessee)
4. Montgomery County (Missouri)
5. Jackson County (North Carolina)

Some facts:
– Roughly one in every 11 public schools nationwide is within 500 feet of roads with heavy traffic like highways, putting 4.4 million students in extra danger.
– 88% of Americans use their phones while driving – definitely a contributor to the one in three drivers showing unsafe pickup or drop off behavior in school zones.
– The more urban the county the riskier the school roads.
– 1 in 11 public schools is within 500ft of heavily trafficked roads which have 6x more pedestrian collisions.
– 1 in 3 drivers shows unsafe pick-up or drop-off behavior in school zones.
– 4 pm to 5 pm the most dangerous time to be on or near roads around schools nationwide.
– The afternoon pick-up peak of 2-5 pm around school roads is 40% more dangerous than the morning drop-off peak of 7-10 am.
– Phone use while driving increases chances of a collision by 20x and our last study showed. 88% of us do it.
– Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. Teens.


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