Bombing During World War II

During World War II, it was assumed by many army strategists of air power that essential winnings could be achieved by bombing industrial and political infrastructure rather than solely military targets.

According to the University of Exeter, Germany dropped 74,172 tons of ordnance on the UK in Second World War, approximately 4/5 of it in 1940-41 and a further 1/8 in the V-weapon attack of 1944. The Allied bombing the attack, gathering force later in the war than Germany’s, at a higher level of technological progress and with far greater industrial power behind it, did ‘better.’

According to the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, the Allies dropped 2.7 million tons of bombs on continental Europe. Half this total went to Germany, 21.8% to France, and 13.7% to Italy, the remaining 14.2% being partitioned between Austria, Hungary, the Balkans, Belgium, Scandinavia, and the Low Countries. The Royal Air Force did 45.8% of the Allies’ bombing, the United States Air Forces 54.2%. Bombs killed 61 thousand British civilians. In Germany, an estimated 420 thousand civilians died in air attacks; in France and Italy, some 60 thousand each.

The maps below created by Reddit user symmy546 are visualizing the bombing attacks campaign of the western allies in World War 2. Every point describes a bombardment attack led by the allies. The points are colored according to the country.

Map of western allies air missions through WW II
World War 2 allied bombings

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