Fossil Fuel Production by Country

Oil, gas, and coal continue to play a dominant role in the world’s energy systems, accounting for around 82 percent of the global energy supply. The United States is the largest overall producer, producing just under 20 percent of all world’s fossil fuels, followed by Russia and Iran.

Countries contribution to total fossil fuel production

The U.S. is the biggest oil producer, producing 18 percent of the world‘s oil, followed by Saudi Arabia and Russia. Venezuela has the most oil reserves in the world, but currently only sits as its 12th biggest producer.

Countries contribution to total oil production

The United States is also the largest natural gas producer, producing nearly 20 percent of all natural gas. Russia is also a gas powerhouse, with a 17.3 percent share.

Countries contribution to total natural gas production

China produces a mountainous 45 percent of the world’s coal.

Countries contribution to total coal production
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