General naming formats

In Western culture, nearly all individuals possess at least one given name (first name), together with a family name (last name, surname).

Another naming convention that is used mainly in the Arabic culture and in different other countries of Africa and Asia is connecting the person’s given name with a chain of names, starting with the name of the person’s father and then the father’s father and so on, usually ending with the family name (tribe or clan name). However, the legal full name of a person usually contains the first three names with the family name at the end, to limit the name in government-issued ID.

Some counties (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Bulgaria), also add patronymics or matronymics.

In some nations, many people are known by a single name (Bhutan, Myanmar, Indonesia).

In Iceland and Malaysia, nearly all people possess at least one given name, together with patronymics.

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