How Google Autocomplete Describes Every U.S. State

Why is Missouri so dangerous?. Why are Rhode Island and Delaware so small? These are the questions driving our collective mind trust!

And in several states, you will see a lot of overlap. For example, people query why Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, while Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota are so cold.

These Google descriptions are a representation of our stereotypes. They see our U.S. states as equalized by an algorithm, foreseeing what we will most likely type into that Google search box next.

“Why is a state so?” (2020)

Matt Shirley googled “why is a state so” and recorded what comes up first on Google’s autocomplete.

How google autocomplete describes the United States

Let’s look at how Google has answered such questions in past years. Four years ago, Google described the many U.S. states differently.

“Why is a state so?” (2016)

How Google autocomplete question “Why is sate, province or territory so…?”

Google autocomplete - Why is sate, province or territory so…?

Let’s try to change the question and ask Google, “Why does State…?”. The answers to this question are expected to be different.

“Why does State …?” (2016)

Google autocomplete: “Why does State …?”

How does Google autocomplete describe the future of every U.S. state? In 2016 most American states have dreamed of legalizing marijuana.

“When will State …?” (2016)

Google autocomplete: “When will State …?”

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