Insufficient sleep in every US county

The map below uses data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a national survey covering a variety of health factors. The survey defines insufficient sleep and darker blue represents a lower percentage reporting insufficient sleep.

Insufficient sleep by county
Bo McCready (Alaska & Hawaii)

The map shows the positive correlation between the rate of insufficient sleep and other negative physical and mental health measures, like poorer mental health days, higher obesity and smoking rates.

Hight sleeplessness in American countries is fairly well correlated with high rates of poverty and weakly associated with high-population counties. There is very little connection to the overall urban/rural nature of the country, or mean commuting time to work. Not shown other factors associated with poverty (median income, crime rate, child mortality rate) are more weakly correlated than the poverty rate itself. There is also a strong correlation with race.

Poverty rate for the U.S.
WHo's not getting enough sleep?
Bo McCready

Insufficient sleep can also be connected to causes such as light pollution, commute time, nightlife and the character of the dominant businesses and occupations in the county, with some may requiring more extended hours of work than others.

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