The U.S. States With The Most Reported Missing Persons, Mapped

The vanishing and death of Gabrielle Venora Petito have wholly taken the attention of America. The news agenda of many media outlets were full of reports about the incident. The Washington Post tallied on Fox News you can find 398 mentions about the incident, 346 notices on CNN, and 100 notifications on MSNBC. The comprehensive periodicals coverage has also spurred interest in other less-reported disappeared person incidents that have persisted unsolved.

Motivated by the Gabby Petito incident, Reddit user malxredleader got data about the number of open missing person cases per 100k people in each state from The National Missing and Unidentified person system (NumUs) and created a choropleth map exhibiting which U.S. states have the least and most disappeared people. He found that while 3.6% of currently lost person cases are missing indigenous persons, the actual amount is higher.

The map of the most reported missing persons cases per 100K people in the United States

Most indigenous people live in very rustic and remote reservations in extreme poverty, many of them using alcohol and drug and alcohol use. Moreover, various law enforcement agencies are accountable for on and off the rez, causing it challenging to efficiently find and prosecute somebody from off rez who commits crimes. Indigenous women go disappearing at a much higher rate than anybody else.

One of the most significant takeaways is that Alaska has by far the most considerable rate of missing person cases in the United States, with approximately one out of each 617 people in the state missing.

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17 days ago

Does anybody see a correlation between mapped locations of Bigfoot sightings and missing persons?
The U.S. Department of Interior and Forest Service DONT keep records of missing persons from National Forests and State Parks, areas high in numbers of sightings of such creatures.
For hundreds of years Native Americans said Bigfoot exist and eats people, mostly women and children.
Think about it.

11 days ago

This is not accurate information. Missouri’s missing is over 700. Children should be included in these numbers and I can also say that there are many missing that haven’t been reported or added to MSHP missing people clearing house.

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