The Most Popular Brand In Every Country, Mapped

As coronavirus pandemic has stimulated a customer shift to streaming and online purchasing these last months, businesses’ web presence presently looks more crucial than regularly. But which brands are people seeking the most online, and how do those queries differ from nation to nation?

Using Google Keyword Planner, BusinessFinancing searched through one year of search bulk data and came up with the maps below explaining which customer brands were the most popular in every nation.

The Most Popular Consumer Brand

Not surprisingly, according to BusinessFinancing, Google is the most popular global brand and has the most considerable amount of Google searches in 100 nations around the world. Netflix is the 2d most-searched consumer brand and is most prevalent in 45 nations, with most of those countries being in South America.

The map of the most popular consumer brand in every country also split down the data by sector and came up with various maps that exhibit the most popular brand in smartphones, gaming, fashion, household appliances, and fast food.

The Most Popular Smartphone Brands

With more than 11 million searches worldwide, Apple is the most popular smartphone brand in 127 countries, though, in terms of sales, it lags following Chinese phone brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Map of the most popular smartphone brand in every country
The Most Popular Gaming Brand

Epic Games leads the way with 4,716,375 global searches leading in 141 countries, and Nintendo follows second with 3,120,010 Google searches, topping in 24 nations.

The Most Popular Fashion Brand

According to Google Keyword Planner, while Nike was the most popular brand in more countries – 49 nations (23,435,140 searches) – the brands H&M (34,026,650 searches) and Zara (28,798,130 searches), the most-searched fashion brands in 38 nations each, actually made more Google searches than Nike in sum.

Map of the most popular fashion brand in every nation
The Most Popular Fast Food Brand

As for fast food brands, McDonald’s is the most popular brand in 75 countries and got 27,090,830 searches worldwide, while KFC, popular in 65 nations, received 9,601,550 inquiries. Pizza Hut, with 18,111,090 searches, is most prevalent in 28 countries.

Map of the Most Popular Fast Food Brand in evert country
The Most Popular Household Appliances Brand

The German household appliance company Bosch is the most-searched brand in 69 nations with 883,085 Google searches. However,2nd-placed Dyson (30 countries) gets a higher search volume (1,142,285 searches). Samsung brand number one only in 26 nations.

Map of The Most Popular Household Appliances Brand

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Ali Hader
Ali Hader
1 year ago

i like it and need more map like this

2 years ago

atrioc on twitch is stealing your content

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Emir Firazy
2 years ago


Emir Firazy
Emir Firazy
2 years ago


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