Number of Main Battle Tanks per 100k people in Europe

The map below shows amount of tanks per 100 thousand people.

Map of number of Main Battle Tanks per 100  000 people in Europe

Number of Main Battle Tanks (MBT) per 100k = ( no. of MBTs / population ) * 100 000
Countries in gray have no data on
Countries colored in blue have zero tanks as of 2017.
Some of the Balkan countries have a large number of T-55 tanks (and equivalent), which are mostly obsolete in modern tank vs. tank combat, but still, have tactical value.

Other interesting contenders from around the world:
USA: 1.8
China: 0.47
India: 0.33
Pakistan: 1.49
North Korea: 19.78
Syria: 24.54
Israel: 31.48
Jordan: 16.77
Saudi Arabia: 3.49

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