World’s 25 Largest Lakes, by Area

A lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake.

According to satelite data there are 117 million lakes to be found worldwide. These lakes covering almost 4% of the world’s land surface.

The Caspian Sea is the biggest lake in the world. The Caspian Sea spreads out over nearly 750 miles (1,200 km) from north to south, with an average width of 200 miles (320 km). It covers a region of around 149,200 square miles (386,400 square km) – bigger than the region of Japan.
RankLake NameSurface AreaWater volumeTypeCountries on shoreline
1Caspian Sea371000 km2 (143000 sq mi)78200 km3 (18800 cu mi)Saline (1.2%) Kazakhstan,  Russia,  Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan, Iran
2Superior82100 km2 (31700 sq mi)11600 km3 (2800 cu mi)Freshwater Canada, Unties States
3Victoria68800 km2 (26600 sq mi) 2700 km3 (650 cu mi)Freshwater Uganda,  Kenya,  Tanzania
4Huron59600 km2 (23000 sq mi)3540 km3 (850 cu mi)Freshwater Canada, Unties States
5Michigan58000 km2 (22000 sq mi)4920 km3 (1180 cu mi)FreshwaterUnited States
6Tanganyika32900 km2 (12700 sq mi)18900 km3 (4500 cu mi)Freshwater Burundi,  Tanzania,  Zambia,  D.R.C.
7Baikal31722 km2 (12248 sq mi)23600 km3 (5700 cu mi)Freshwater Russia
8Great Bear Lake31153 km2 (12028 sq mi)2236 km3 (536 cu mi)Freshwater Canada
9Malawi29600 km2 (11400 sq mi) 7725 km3 (1853 cu mi) Freshwater Malawi,  Mozambique,  Tanzania
10Great Slave Lake27200 km2 (10500 sq mi)1580 km3 (380 cu mi)Freshwater Canada
11Erie25667 km2 (9910 sq mi)480 km3 (120 cu mi)Freshwater Canada, Unties States
12Winnipeg24514 km2 (9465 sq mi)284 km3 (68 cu mi)Freshwater Canada
13Ontario18960 km2 (7320 sq mi)1710 km3 (410 cu mi) Freshwater Canada, Unties States
14Ladoga17700 km2 (6800 sq mi)908 km3 (218 cu mi)Freshwater Russia
15Balkhash16400 km2 (6300 sq mi)112 km3 (27 cu mi)Saline (0.3%) Kazakhstan
16Vostok15690 km2 (6060 sq mi)6200 km³ (~1300 cu mi)Freshwater Antarctica
17Onega9700 km2 (3700 sq mi)295 km3 (71 cu mi)Freshwater Russia
18Titicaca8372 km2 (3232 sq mi)893 km3 (214 cu mi)Freshwater Bolivia, Peru
19Nicaragua8264 km2 (3191 sq mi)108 km3 (26 cu mi) Freshwater Nicaragua
20Athabasca7850 km2 (3030 sq mi)110 km3 (26 cu mi)Freshwater Canada
22Turkana6405 km2 (2473 sq mi)204 km3 (49 cu mi)Saline (0.24%) Kenya,  Ethiopia
24Issyk-Kul6236 km2 (2408 sq mi)1730 km3 (420 cu mi)Saline (0.6%) Kyrgyzstan
23Reindeer Lake5650 km2 (2180 sq mi)95.25 km3 (22.85 cu mi)Freshwater Canada
25Urmia5200 km2 (2000 sq mi)2.5 km3 (0.6 cu mi)Saline (18%) Iran
21Taymyr4560 km2 (1760 sq mi) 12.8 km3 (3.1 cu mi)Freshwater Russia

1.4 million global lakes (10 ha or larger)

1.4 million global lakes (10 ha or larger)

World’s largest lakes on a uniform scale (1851)

World’s largest lakes on a uniform scale (1851)
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