Top-earning track from each country

As the most-streamed Spotify song of all time, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You has earned over $13 million in revenue, making it the most valuable song to come out of the United Kingdom. But how do other countries compare?

In a new study, S Money identified the most-streamed song by a native artist in every country and calculated its worth to find out.

The research team used data from Kworb to identify the most-streamed song by artists from each country. With the final list in hand, they then visited the artist’s profile on Spotify and recorded the global streaming number for their most famous song.

Finally, they estimated the song’s total earnings by multiplying the number of streams and multiplied it by $0.0049 (the per-stream pay-out estimate from Digital Music News).

The map below shows the most valuable song by a native artist from each country.

The most valuable song from every country

The whole world likes local Hip-Hop. Below you can find the top 10 most valuable songs. Click the buttons to highlight pieces from particular genres, and hit the play button.

In addition to identifying the top-earning songs, S Money also uncovered the most-played piece of all time in every country (and its estimated earnings), regardless of the artist’s nationality.

Key Findings:
• The most valuable song in the world is Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, with Spotify earnings of US$13,347,665.
• Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You is also the most-streamed Spotify song of all time, coming on top in eight countries.
• The most-streamed song in a single country is Post Malone’s rockstar, which has played 715 million times in the US, earning over $3.5m.
• The most valuable song by continent:
– North America: rockstar by Post Malone from the US, which earned $10,409,424.
South America: Adam y Eva by Paulo Londra from Argentina has estimated earnings of over $3m.
– Europe: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran from the UK, with estimated earnings of over $13.3m.
– the Middle East & Central Asia: AYA by Murda from Turkey, which earned over $420k
– The Rest of Asia and Oceania: Dance Monkey by Tones and I from Australia has estimated earnings of over $10.2m.

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