The number of individuals in jail and prison for every U.S. county

The U.S. has the most significant prison population in the world and the biggest per-capita incarceration rate. In 2016, 2.2 million Americans were incarcerated, which suggests for every 100 thousand, there are 655 that are at present prisoners. In 2016, the total amount of persons in U.S. adult correctional systems was estimated at 6.6 million

In 2018 in the U.S., there were 698 people imprisoned per 100 thousand.

Countries and U.S. states with a population smaller than the U.S. prison system (2.3 million)

US states and countries with a population smaller than the US prison system

According Institute of Justice, if you live in Florida you have over twice as much chance of being thrown in jail or prison as someone who lives in North Dakota.

Jail incarceration rate per 100,000 residents (age 15-64)

Jail incarceration rate Per 100,000 residents age 15-64

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Key facts:
– Incarceration grew the most outside the largest counties (large counties grew by 2.8 times, while midsize counties grew by 4.1 times, and small counties grew by 6.9 times.)
– Since 1970, the number of women held in jail has increased 14x from fewer than 8,000 women in 1970 to 110,000 women in jails in 2014.
– Today, African Americans make up nearly 40% of the jail population and experience particularly high incarceration rates in mid-sized and small counties.

Data: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Annual Survey of Jails, Census of Jails.

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2 years ago

Probably have lower GDPs than the prison system as well

3 years ago

Opportunities for crime = higher rates of incarceration

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