Percentage of electricity produced from renewable and nuclear sources

In the past 2 decades, global electricity generation significantly enlarged (about +160 percent) and the battle against climate change got strong momentum. At the same time, the share of claimed “cheap” and “clean” nuclear power in the world electricity production mix endlessly fell – reaching an at least 33-year low of about 10 percent in 2017 – because of the technology stagnating expansion.

The International Energy Agency forecasts the share of nuclear power to fall further – below 10 percent in 2040.

Percentage of electricity produced from renewable and nuclear sources

A decarbonized energy sector, dominated by renewable sources, is at the core of the transformation to a sustainable energy future. The share of renewable energy in the power sector would increase from 25% in 2017 to 85% by 2050, mostly through growth in solar and wind power generation.

Key facts:

  • Global renewable power capacity totaled 2,378 GW in 2018.
  • Renewable energy targets had been adopted in 169 countries at the national or state/provincial level by the end of 2018. More than 230 cities worldwide had adopted targets for 100% renewables in at least one sector by the end of 2018.
  • As of early 2019, more than 150,000 commercial flights had flown on blends of alternative fuels. By year’s end, just five airports worldwide had biofuel distribution systems in place.
  • Denmark remains the only country with a target for 100% renewables in total final energy.
  • The EU added 8.3 GW of grid-connected capacity, up 36% over 2017 installations, for a total of 115 GW.
  • At least 103 countries have commercial wind power capacity and 33 countries have more than 1 GW in operation.
  • Sales of larger affiliated solar home systems increased by 77% in 2018, highlighting an increasing demand from individuals for more power.
  • Global investment in renewable power and fuels reached 288.9 billion USD in 2018.
  • Investment in renewable power technologies accounted for 65 of the total of all new % generating capacity.
  • The global stock of electric cars grew by 63% during 2018.
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