Population density map of China

China ranks number one in the list of nations by population. The current population of China is 1,4 billion (18.5% of the world population). The population density of the country is 153 per sq km (397 people per sq mi). 61 % of the Chinese population is urban.

Population density map of China

China’s complicated climate conditions and topography have created an irregularly dispersed population. Population density differs richly, with the most significant variation happening between the eastern half of China and the west. 

Mainly high population densities occur in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze delta, and the Chengdu Plain of the western Sichuan Basin. Most of the high-density regions are coincident with the alluvial lowlands on which intense farming is concentrated.

In opposition, the isolated, large western areas, which are much larger than any European nation except Russia, are scarcely populated. 

Broad deserted regions include:

  • The extraordinarily high northern piece of Tibet.
  • The sandy deserts of the central Tarim and eastern Junggar basins in Xinjiang.
  • The arid wastelands and highlands east of Lop Nur.

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