River basins of Africa

There are about 80 large rivers in Africa. Sixty-three of them are international (transboundary) river basins covering about 64% of its land area and contain 93% of its total surface water resources.

The map below shows 13 major river basins in Africa: Congo, Niger, Nile, the Senegal, Juba Shibeli, Lake Chad, Lake Turkana, Limpopo, Ogooue, Okavango, Orange, Volta, and Zambezi river.

The Major River Basins of Africa

The Major River Basins of Africa

Reddit user symmy546 created a map of all of the rivers and waterways in Africa, colored according to the significant hydrological basins.

He created this map using hydrological data and python libraries: matplotlib, numpy and geopandas.

Map of rivers in Africa

Below is another version of the map of the river basins of Africa, made using a digital elevation model by Sheikh Rokon.

River basins of Africa in rainbow colours
Sheikh Rokon
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