Roman Influence on the Modern States

The powerful Roman Empire has influenced many aspects of nowadays’s society. Development of democratic government systems, influences in language, law, art, literature, infrastructure, and city-planning are fields where the effects of Roman ideas can be observed. Moreover, Roman influences have had significant importance in the expanse of Christianity.

The map below created by Reddit user MattSouth shows “Hidden Rome III” – The degree of Roman influence on contemporary countries.

Map of Roman attributes in modern states

One main legacy is the Latin language evolved concurrently into the various Romance languages now (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, etc.). The Latin Language has created the basis for most of the Western languages, even English.

The Latin alphabet script by the ancient Romans to most of Europe is the most popular and generally used globally.

The modern Western calendar is a refinement of the Julian calendar, which Julius Caesar introduced.

Another most significant area of influence was Roman law. Roman law developed the division between public and private law. This system was the base for what is nowadays known in the West as Civil law. Roman law additionally affected the development of International Private Law. Romans had indictments and jury trials, similar to today’s practices. The idea of written law to protect people from one another and the state’s power is an immanently Roman idea.

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