The Christmas Dinner interactive map

This is a dot density map showing where classic christmas dinner items are grown in England! (Get the data here).

1 dot = 100 Turkeys
1 dot = 100 Pigs (in blankets)
1 dot = 10ha Potatoes
1 dot = 10ha Vegetables

The Christmas Dinner interactive map

Fun Facts

  • There are ~3.9m Turkeys in England, 1.3m are in Norfolk. In Herefordshire Turkeys outnumber people 2.2:1.
  • In total there are ~129m poultry birds in England.
  • There are also ~3.9m pigs in England, ~800,000 of which are in North Yorkshire (where there are more pigs than humans).
  • There are >100,000 hectares of potatoes and 65,000 hecatares of “Other Veg” across England. The number of hectares of potatoes was almost 4 times higher in 1945.

Comparison for Greater London:


Compared to 1945 there is a less even distribution across the country with things being grown intensively in some areas and not at all in others.

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