The Expansion of Russia

How has the world’s largest country become the largest country in the world?

Ivan the Great and Vasili the Adequate increase in the size of Muscovy’s (1283–1547) boundaries significantly by joining the Novgorod Republic, the Grand Duchy of Tver, the Pskov Republic, the Appanage of Volokolamsk, the principalities of Ryazan and Novgorod-Seversky.

The name Russia for the Grand Duchy of Moscow become prevalent in 1547 when the Tsardom of Russia was formed.

During the reign of the expansion process of Russia continued. By the end of the nineteenth century, Russia stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean, including Alaska (North America).

By 1829, Russia controlled all of the Caucasus region, including Georgia and Armenia. Between 1865 and 1885 Russian Empire joined Turkestan and the northern roads to India.

The Expansion of Russia, 1300-1914

The Expansion of Russia, 1300-1945

The Expansion of Russia, 1300-1945
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