The Second World War map of Ireland to deter invaders

On September 12, 1939, Ireland declared neutrality. Ireland told Britain not to send over any ships, submarines, or aircraft and informed Germany of Irish neutrality. Churchill was enraged by this declaration and never forgave the Irish.

Despite Irish efforts to spell out “EIRE” to deter German bombing, Dublin was hit on May 31, 1941. As a result of the bombing, 27 people died, 325 homes destroyed or heavily damage.

Irish army was divided into two parts. One half of the army was facing Northern Ireland to oppose an overland British invasion. The other half of the army in the south to oppose a German landing.

The WW2 map of Ireland to deter invaders

Ireland remained neutral during the Second World War although a minority favored fighting against the Axis powers. Irish authorities did not discourage civilians from going to serve in Britain and did not stop desertion from the Irish military. 4,000-7,000 Irish military personnel deserted to serve with British. 10,000 thousand Irish died in World War II.

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