The world’s best and worst places to do business

Ranking 190 economies on measures of regulatory quality and efficiency. Top 10 and bottom 10 ease of doing business ranking.

Factors that make up the Ease of Doing Business ranking: Ease of starting a business, Dealing with construction permits, Getting credit, Trading across borders, Getting electricity, Registering property, Enforcing contracts, Paying taxes, Resolving insolvency, Labor market regulation, Protecting investors.

Top ten and bottom ten ease of doing a business ranking

Key facts:

  • New Zealand was ranked number one for the third year in a row.
  • In just over a decatd the country of Georgia jumped up 94 spots in the ranking.
  • After hitting a low of 123rd in 2011, Russia has climbed back to 31st place in the ranking.
  • China’s score jumped by over 8 points in a single year.
  • Argentina had the lowest score of the G20 nations.
  • Afghanistan’s score increased by over 10 points in a single year.
  • Yemen fell 89 spots in over the last decade.
The complete ease of doing business ranking

Via Data: WorldBank

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