What do Europeans feel most attached to?

Reddit user desfirsit made a curious map of what Europeans feel most attached to – their region, country, or Europe.

Average values for the map below got from the answers to three questions from the 2021 European Quality of Government Index.
Survey question: ‘People might feel different levels of attachment to where they live and to Europe, on a scale of 1-10 with ‘1’ being ‘not at all’ and ’10’ being ‘very attached,’ how closely attached do you feel about (your region/country/Europe). This map shows the highest attachment in EU countries.

Map of What do Europeans feel most attached to?

According to this map, Budapest is the only region with Europe as the primary attachment. In contrast, Bulgarian Yugoiztochen has the lowest attachment to Europe.

The highest attachment to the country is recorded in the Central Jutland Region of Denmark. While the Highest regional attachment in the autonomous region of Finland – Aland Islands.

Zealand in Denmark has the Largest difference in attachment between country and region, while French Corsica has the most significant difference in attachment between region and country.

The most unexpected thing is the lowest attachment to the country and the lowest attachment to the region observed in the Basque country.

Many Basques are highly attached to their land or very attached to their country. But as it is more polarized than in other European regions, as a result, the average value is pulled down.

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