How Earth Will look With Current International Borders in 250 million years

Pangaea Ultima (Proxima) could occur within the next 250 million years.

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans will continue to get wider until new subduction zones bring the continents back together, forming a Neopangaea. Most continents and islands are predicted to collide with Eurasia.

At 250 million years in the future, the Atlantic is predicted to have closed. North America is supposed to have already collided with Africa, but be in a more southerly position than it drifted. South America is predicted to be wrapped around the southern tip of Africa, completely enclosing the Indo-Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean will have grown wider, encircling half the Earth.

The map below shows how our planet will look with current international borders in next 250 million years.

How Earth With Current International Borders Will look in 250 million years
Source: unknown

In general, the climate would have been more continental. Around the edges, it would have been similar to any other continent, with ecosystem type dependent on latitude and weather patterns.

Deep in the interior climate would have been much more extreme. Very hot near the equator, very cold in the winter in temperate zones. In some interior regions, it may have been pretty dry.

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