Most violent cities in the world

The most dangerous cities worldwide are located in Latin America. However, the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world includes some U.S. cities. Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, gang battles, and political instability significantly cause violence in Latin America.

Between 2007 and 2012, it was assessed that there were about 38 thousand drug-related mortalities in Mexico alone. Though rates of gang and drug-related activities in Mexico reportedly dropped from 2007 to 2012 because of a government squeezing, traffickers have gone elsewhere, and violence poured into other areas.

The maps below illustrate how the ranking of the most violent cities has changed over time.

The most violent cities in 2015

According to Statista, Caracas in Venezuela was the most dangerous city in the world.

The world's most violent cities (homicides per 100,000 residents)

Top of the most dangerous cities in the world in 2015 (homicides per 100,000 residents):

  1. Caracas (Venezuela) – 119.87
  2. San Pedro Sula (Honduras) – 111.03
  3. San Salvador (El Salvador) – 108.54
  4. Acapulco (Mexico) – 104.73
  5. Maturin (Venezuela) – 86.45
  6. Distrito Central (Honduras) – 73.51
  7. Valencia (Venezuela) – 72.31
  8. Palmira (Colombia) – 70.88
  9. Cape Town (South Africa) – 65.53
  10. Cali (Colombia) – 64.27
  11. Ciudad Guyana (Venezuela) – 62.33
  12. Fortaleza (Brazil) – 60.77
  13. Natal (Brazil) – 60.66
  14. Salvador (Brazil) – 60.63
  15. St. Louis (United States) – 59.23
  16. Joao Pessoa (Brazil) – 58.40
  17. Culican (Mexico) – 56.09
  18. Maceio (Brazil) – 55.63
  19. Baltimore (United States) – 54.98
  20. Barquisimeto (Venezuela) – 54.96

In 2022 there were some changes in the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world. The most violent city has become Tijuana.

The most violent cities in 2022

In 2022, the homicides rate in Tijuana (Mexico) was 138 for every 100,000 people residing there.

The highest-ranked city outside of Latin America is St. Louis in the U.S., ranked 14th with a murder rate of 60.59 in 2022. Detroit, with a murder rate of 38.78, came in at 46th place.

Violence in Latin America has affected immigration from affected areas into the U.S. Migration from Mexico to the U.S. was regarded as the most significant global migration, with 11.6 million migrants in 2010.

Top of the most dangerous cities in the world in 2022 (homicides per 100,000 residents):

  1. Tijuana (Mexico) – 138
  2. Acapulco (Mexico) – 110.5
  3. Caracas (Venezuela) – 99.98
  4. Ciudad Victoria (Mexico) – 85.56
  5. Irapuato (Mexico) – 81.44
  6. Ciudad Guayana (Venezuela) – 78.3
  7. Natal (Brazil) – 74.67
  8. Foralezf (Brazil) – 69.15
  9. Cape Town (South Africa) – 66.36
  10. Belem (Brazil) – 65.31
  11. Cancun (Mexico) – 64.47
  12. Feire De Santana (Brazil) – 63.29
  13. Saint Louis (United States) – 63.29
  14. Cuilacan (Mexico) – 60.52
  15. Ciudad Bolivar (Venezuela) – 60.09
  16. Barquisimento (Venezuela) – 56.67
  17. Uruapan (Mexico) – 54.52
  18. Kingston (Jamaica) – 54.12
  19. Ciudad Obregon (Mexico) – 52.09
  20. Maceio (Brazil) – 51.46
The Most Dangerous Cities in the World, with a population of over 300,000

The Mexico Citizens Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, out of the world’s 50 most violent cities, with over 300,000, 38 are in Latin America, including 17 in Mexico. This map below, created by Statista, shows the world’s top 10 most dangerous cities, with Mexican city Colima in the first place and New Orleans in the U.S. state of Louisiana ranking 8hs. Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, had ranked 1st in earlier editions, but the information is no longer available because of the country’s situation.

The most violent cities in the world

Another country that emerges among the top 50 is Brazi, at 10 cities, the highest ranked being Mossoró in the nation’s North in the 11th spot. Also featured on the rating often are Colombia (6 cities starting from Cali in rank 32) and South Africa (4 cities, including Cape Town, and 2 more ranked in the top 20). The continental U.S. racks up 7 mentions in total. Other than New Orleans, Baltimore (rank 17), Detroit (rank 23), Memphis (rank 25), Cleveland (rank 27), Milwaukee (rank 39), and Philadelphia (rank 46) make a list. San Juan in Puerto Rico can be seen in rank 41.

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Zebra Dun
Zebra Dun
5 years ago

WHAT? The first US city was St. Louis and it came in at number 15.
Baltimore a gun control city comes in at 19.

5 years ago
Reply to  Zebra Dun

Gun control is probably the last thing relevant to this map. Only two U.S. cities are in the top 20 despite the myriad local gun laws across the country. With something like 300 million guns in the hands of U.S. citizens, I’d say gun laws are doing a pretty good job – the big exception being the ability of white male Americans to legally acquire small armories that allow them to mow down their unarmed compatriots.

Zebra Dun
Zebra Dun
5 years ago
Reply to  qusdis

Moronic comment MOLON LABE do it yourself don’t send your jack booted government agents after people.
Racist comment while Blacks murder Blacks at an astounding rate and crime in gun control cities run by Black democrats is so strict no one can defend themselves and the Police have to shoot to kill.
Then there are the many iterations of MS-13 or what ever Latino gangs and drug cartels.
Don’t forget the Tongs.
Russian, Italian, Irish Mobs.
Then again your type sees crime and screams gun control at the top of their lungs, why not ban Home Depot rental trucks as well?

5 years ago

I thought 8 years of oblamer and the dems was supposed to cure all the problems instead of adding to it. I guess we needed an 8 year reign of terror by Hilabeast to save the world.

Thomas Swartz
Thomas Swartz
5 years ago

Notice what all these cities have in common, large numbers of blacks or latinos.

5 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Swartz

Notice what all these guys have in common:
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Stephen Paddock
Adam Lanza
James Holmes
Dylann Roof
Devin Patrick Kelley

Hint: They are white men. There used to be some wiggle room around this point, but it has become clear that white men are dominating the mass shooting arena and are treating it almost like a video game, trying to outscore each other.

Thomas Swartz
Thomas Swartz
5 years ago
Reply to  qusdis

Notice most of these white men had mental issues. Their numbers will not come close to the nearly 8,000 blacks killed by other black every year.

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