San Francisco’s Housing Crisis

Apartment buildings are illegal to build in 73.5% of San Francisco. San Francisco has enacted strict zoning regulations. Among other restrictions, San Francisco does not allow buildings over 40 feet tall in most of the city. Partly as a result of these codes, from 2007 to 2014, the Bay Area issued building permits for only half the number of needed houses, based on the area’s population growth. At the same time, there has been rapid economic growth of the high tech industry in San Francisco, which has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The resultant high demand for housing, combined with the lack of supply, have caused dramatic increases in rents and extremely high housing prices.

San Francisco's Housing Crisis
Red means single-family or duplexes only. Orange means triplexes or fourplexes are legal. Green means larger apartment buildings are legal

Asheem Mamoowala compared actual building heights in San Francisco with their allowed building heights.

Unused building height allowance in San Francisco

Mapping San Francisco Building Ages

Danny Yang using assign each building to the parcel containing its centroid associate each building in the building footprints dataset to the year it was built, using data from the land use dataset.

Mapping San Francisco Building Ages

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