The most and least favorite US state of each state mapped

Instagram user Matt Shirley asked his 300 thousand followers to vote on which US state their home state liked and disliked the most. The result was this funny map.

Whereas in the “Every State’s Least Favorite State” map, many nearby states held complaints towards each other, you can see in many cases in the “Every State’s Favorite Other State” map. People also chose their nearby states to be their favorite states.

Ever state's least favorite state

California is the most disliked state by the other US states. At the same time, New Jersey and New Hampshire were marked as least favorite by five and four states, sequentially. The residents of Florida demonstrated honesty and admitted to disliking their own state the most. In contrast, New Jersey residents hate all states at once.

Every state's favorite other state

Florida and Colorado are the most favorite states admired by five U.S. states each. Minnesota and New Hampshire are right after them, with 4 states each mentioning them as their favorite. In possibly the least unexpected information ever, Connecticut beloves Massachusetts, while New Jersey is mapped here as liking no U.S. states.

Reddit user MathCanBeHard alternative way to find every states’ favorite other U.S. state using data of the most frequently-cited state in each state’s restaurant names.

The most frequently-cited state in each state's restaurant names mapped

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