EU Regional innovation index (2016)

The Regional Innovation Index is a sub-pillar of the Regional Competitiveness Index, which measures the general competitiveness of EU regions. The Innovation Index measures the technological readiness and the overall innovation performance of all NUTS2 regions of Europe through a series of indicators such as patent production per capita, R&D investments and personnel, hi-tech exports and so on.

Europea Union Regional innovation index (2016)

The best performing regions are Luxembourg, London and the capital regions of Sweden and Denmark, while the worst performing ones are all Romanian and Bulgarian regions (except the capital ones).

These regions are merged in a single region:
– Inner London, Outer London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Essex; -Region de Bruxelles, Vlaams-Brabant, Brabant-Wallon;
– Berlin, Brandenburg;
– Wien, Niederosterreich;
– Praha, Stredny Cechy

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Data are taken from the Regional Competitiveness Index,  2016.

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