A map of every city

A map of every city

1. The city/downtown lots of tall buildings and people in suits walking fast.
2. The area that used to be cool but is now full of cheesy bars. Friday night is horrible here.
3. An area that tourists love, but locals hate. You will still take visiting friends here.
4. Former industrial area which has since been turned into a sea of badly designed apartments with no soul.
5. Road renowned for having really bad traffic. I hate this road.
6. Iconic bridge that everyone loves
7. Ugly bridge that everyone loves to hate.
8. Area that describes south of the river types as boring twats.
9. Cool area that your patents would have avoided in the 80’s and still do now.
10. Area with a huge concentration of the same kind of cuisine. White people love it here.
11. Area that friends who want to buy a house move to. There is no good coffee out here.
12. Area with that, amazing park that’s just a little too far away to bother going to.
13. The area you only bother going to because that’s where IKEA is.
14. An area that your friends move to and then you never catch up because it’s ages away and their kids are kind of annoying.
15. Area with that really beautiful park but no cool bars or life at all.
16. Area that describes north of the river types as boring hipsters
17. Area with that massive development that never really took off.
18. An area with that massive shopping center that you hate to go but its where the only Apple store is.
19. Area full of designer shops that I am going to avoid on the weekend.
20. Area with lots of nice houses but also completely devoid of people.
21. An area that seems to be made up of 90% railway tracks and infrastructure and some stray cats.
22. Swampy area you’re pretty sure the mafia uses to dump bodies.
23. Area with an old amusement park that was a lot cooler when you were a kid.
24. Area full of shipping containers and more cats.
25. Area full of artists, until their warehouses get converted into super expensive high-end apartments.
26. The zoo, which we always say we’ll go to, but we never do.
27. Area that everyone claims was ruined by the people who most recently moved there.
28. Road that locals know is the best way even though it doesn’t look it.
29. Bridge nicknamed after a cooking utensil.
30. Road that annoyingly blocks access to the river.
31. Area where that actor from that TV show supposedly lives.
32. An area with that iconic abandoned building that everyone likes to Instagram.
33. Road that every new mayor promises to fix.


Map of every American city
Map of every American city


Map of every European city
Map of every European city


Map of every Russian city
Map of every Russian city

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