Map of Japan (1921)

Japan in 1921

Between 1920 and 1930 Hirohito held Japan’s power. Hirohito took the throne in 1926. He made his way to the throne by marrying the Japanese princess Nagako. The economic conditions of the time hindered the rise of the democratic government that was in its initial stages to Japan. Japan’s military had a substantial influence on the country’s political system, therefore Japan took more of a militarism point of view. By the 1930’s the Japanese nationalists had power over Japan. They began to pursue goals to dominate the Pacific. In the 1920s Japan’s relations with the outside world began to deteriorate. The Japanese army starting taking action to expand over the Pacific without consent of the a higher authority. In 1923 Great Britain wanted to satisfy the United States so they ended their agreements or Twenty- One Demands with Japan. Japan’s desire for Pacific expansion encouraged them to contribute to World War II. Japan wanted to expand their nation at a fast pace. Their military was growing in size and had gained immense power that could overtake other nations. One significant event that occurred in Japan in the decade of the 1920s was the Tokyo earthquake. This happened in 1923 and caused mass destruction in Japan.

Chris Celso, Matt Ruccolo

Three Minutes In Japan (1921)

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