Nominal and per Capita GDP Cartogram with subdivisions

Gross domestic product is the market value of all final goods and services from a country in a given year. Gross Domestic Product per capita shows a nation’s GDP divided by its total population.

The estimated average GDP per capita of all of the world’s countries is Int$18,381 (2018). Luxembourgers have the highest per capita gross domestic product in the world. In 2020, the GDP per capita in Luxembourg amounted to about Int$112,875.

Reddit user BerryBlue_BlueBerry questioned how a world GDP cartogram would look like if there are subdivisions of nations included. He used subdivisions of the first level admin divisions except for the United Kingdom and Russia.

Nominal and per Capita GDP Cartogram with subdivisions

On the map, you can see how huge Japan and tiny Africa. Russia’s GDP is small, too, particularly when compared to the rest of Europe. Even in per capita terms, Russia is on par with China.

South America’s GDP is only insignificantly doing better than Africa’s. Although on a per capita level, the South Americans are doing much better.

Many US states have larger GDPs than entire nations with more substantial populations. In the United Kingdom and France, wealth is unevenly concentrated only in London and Paris respectively.

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