The Largest Volcano in the Solar System Mapped

Olympus Mons is a giant shield volcano on the planet Mars. The volcano has a height of over 21 kilometers (13.6 miles). It is approximately 2.5 times Mount Everest’s height above sea level.

The volcano’s diameter is about 374 miles or 624 kilometers (the same size as the state of Arizona) and is rimmed by a 4 miles (6 km) high scarp. It is the largest volcano discovered in the Solar System.

The maps below show Olympus Mons compared to Australia, France and the U.S. state Arizona.

Olympus Mons, Mars’ largest volcano, compared to Australia
Map of Olympus Mons compared to Australia
Olympus Mons compared to France
Olympus largest volcano in Solar System
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Olympus Mons, Mars' largest volcano, compared to France
Olympus Mons volcano compared to the U.S. state of Arizona

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