20 Best Maps of 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this year has been a good year for map fans. We thought it would be enjoyable to look back at the most attractive maps of the last year.

From the largest predator in each U.S. state to tipping etiquette around the world, these marvelous maps show cartography at its best. The popular maps of the year 2020 are ranked by total views.

20. The Atlantropa project
Map of the Atlantropa project
19. The Richest Person in Every US State
Map of the richest perseno in each U.S. State
18. The World’s Forests Mapped
Map of world's forests
17. Tipping etiquette around the world
Tipping etiquette mapped
16. The happiest countries in the world (2013 – 2020)
Happiest countries in the world mapped
15. US Asian Population by County (1990 – 2018)
Map of absence of Asians
14. Native Oak Tree Ranges in the United States
Map of native oak tree ranges
13. US Hispanic Population by County (1990 – 2018)
Map of absence of hispanic
12. Largest Predator in Each U.S. State
Map of largest land predator in every U.S. State
Malcolm Tunnell
11. Disintegration of Yugoslavia
Map of disintegration of Yugoslavia
10. Roads of the Roman Empire
Map of roads of the Roman Empire
9. Germany is still divided by east and west
Map of Germany divided by west and east
8. The topologist’s map of the world
Topologist map of the world
Reddit user: gjvnq1
7. 2020 U.S. Election Mapped: What happened to TrumpLand?
Biden Archipelago 2020
6. 3D Mapping The Global Population Density
3d map of the global population density
Alasdair Rae
5. The diversity of trees in the US mapped
Map of tree diversity
4. Olive Tree in the Mediterranean Bassin
Map of Olive Tree in the Mediterranean Bassin
3. Tearing Spain apart
Map of ways to divide Spain
Reddit user: mapologies
2. The world with a 70 meters sea-level rise
Global map if all terrestrial ice melted
1. Demonyms of the U.S. and Canada
Map of the U.S. demonyms

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