China GDP in 2020 by Province

In the past decade, the Chinese economy remained to keep consistent two-digit growth.

By 2015, China’s GDP reached 11015.54 billion U.S. dollars. According to forecasts, China’s population will increase to roughly 1.43 billion people by 2020, with an average per capita income of USD 15,900. At that point, China will have moved up to the high-income list of nations as listed by the U.N., but would still retain an average per capita income of roughly less than 25 percent than that of the U.S.

By 2020, China’s GDP total will reach $22.69 trillion and surpass the U.S.

The map below show China GDP per capita.

GDP per capita in China, 2020

Map of the China GDP per capita
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China GDP in 2020 by province: A Union of Second-Tier Developed plus Top-Tier Developing Countries

China GDP in future

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