Coastlines of the Ice Age

Coastlines of the Ice Age

The maps below show how the territory may have arisen during the Last Glacial Maximum, around 21 thousand years ago, when sea levels were about 125 meters (410 feet) below the present. These maps don’t contain any lakes of this period. The coloring of maps is based only on altitude. These maps have lines running in various directions over the landscape that arise as ranges or trenches.


Europe in the Ice Age

East Asia

East Asia in the Ice Age

Sundaland / Sunda Shelf (Southeastern Asia)

Sunda Shelf (Southeastern Asia) in the Ice Age

Sahul Shelf (Australia)

Sahul (Australia) in the Ice Age

Central America

Central America in the Ice Age

Siberia at the height of the last ice age

Siberia coastline of the Ice Age

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