Russia is almost twice the size of the US

Russia is almost twice the size of the United States

Italy can fit inside Alaska almost six times. Alaska has land area 665,400 square miles and population 731,449, while Italy has area 115,348 sq mi and a population 61.1 million.

Alaska can fit inside South America (Area: 6.881 million sq.mi.; population: 405 million) more than 10 times.

South America is about three times the size of Europe (Area: 2,304 million sq.mi.; population: 810 million).

Australia (Area: 2,968 million sq.mi.; Population: 23.2 million) can fit inside Brazil (Area: 3.288 million sq.mi.; Population: 200 million).

Texas (Area:268,600 sq.mi.; Population: 26.06 million) can fit inside Greenland (Area: 836,330 sq.mi.; Population: 57,714) three times.

Greenland can fit inside China (Area: 3.704 million sq.mi.; Population: 1.36 billion) four times.

Africa (Area: 11.7 million sq.mi.; Population: 1.11 billion) is almost twice the size of Russia (Area: 6.593 million sq.mi.; Population: 143 million).

Russia is almost twice the size of the United States (Area: 3.719 million sq.mi.; Population: 319 million).

The United Kingdom (Area: 94,068 million sq.mi.; Population: 63.2 million) can fit inside the Great Lakes (Area: 94,500 sq.mi.).

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