Hunger map of Europe (1918)

World War I was terrifying, but its consequence was also ugly and not to be forgotten. After all the fighting was finished, as a result of the huge troops that passed through Europe, there was hunger threatening almost all residents. In 1918, the U.S. Food Administration made a book for the kids in the U.S. that was supposed to tell them about this situation and motivate them to help. The book was titled “Food Saving and Sharing: Telling How the Older Children of America May Help Save From Famine Their Comrades In Allied Lands Across the Sea”

Hunger map of Europe

The map is dated December 1, 1918. The armistice with Germany was less than a month old. Most of Central and Eastern Europe were in revolutionary chaos.

“You can help, too, in getting others to do the same. You can help to save from famine untold numbers of your friends across the sea.”
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