Maps of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are the most extensive freshwater system globally (94,600 sq mi / 244,000 sq km). The Lakes contain 5,400 cu mi (22,500 cu km) of surface freshwater on earth or 6 quadrillion gallons of freshwater (22.7 quadrillion liters), accounting for about 21% of the world’s surface freshwater or 84% of North America’s surface freshwater.

Using Digital Elevation Model data, I made the map of the Great Lakes in watercolor style.

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What if “Did Not Vote” were a candidate in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?

Joe Bide has been elected the 46th president of the U.S., In 2020, he has enlarged Hilary Clinton’s record from 51 to 162 electoral votes, while Donald Trump has raised from 16 to 98 votes. But many Americans still didn’t vote. What if “I didn’t vote” ran as a U.S. presidential candidate in the 2020 election?

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