Maps of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are the most extensive freshwater system globally (94,600 sq mi / 244,000 sq km). The Lakes contain 5,400 cu mi (22,500 cu km) of surface freshwater on earth or 6 quadrillion gallons of freshwater (22.7 quadrillion liters), accounting for about 21% of the world’s surface freshwater or 84% of North America’s surface freshwater.

Using Digital Elevation Model data, I made the map of the Great Lakes in watercolor style.

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3D Mapping of The Global Climate

Data analyst Alasdair Rae created unique 3D maps of the global population density. This idea inspired me to make three-dimensional maps depicting different climatic parameters. To create these maps, I used Worldclim data: average temperature (°C), precipitation (mm), solar radiation (kJ m-2 day-1), and wind speed (m s-1).

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Drone Privacy Laws Around the World Mapped

The global drone industry is projected to double over the next five years, from $22.5 billion in 2020 to $42.8 billion in 2025. Lawmakers are struggling to keep up with the advancing technology. And while at least 143 nations have enacted some form of drone-related regulation, many experts contend that current drone regulation is lacking to deal with the threat of widespread surveillance.

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